Special Services Department

As the parent/guardian of a special education student, you are a key part of the process that provides an appropriate and caring educational experience for your child. You are the advocate who remains a constant in your child's life as they progress through the school system.

Who makes up the Child Study Team?

The Child Study Team is a multidisciplinary educational team that is responsible to locate, identify, evaluate, determine eligibility, and develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for students suspected of having educational disabilities.  This group of specialists is employed by the district to provide consultative, evaluative, and prescriptive services to teachers and parents.  The team provides diagnostic services to children from age 11 to 21 that have been identified as having a potentially disabling condition. 

The Child Study Team (CST) together with district’s teachers, administrators, and I&RS committees, make recommendations for programs and placements which will best address the needs of students who are experiencing school-related programs.

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Colleen McCauley

Supervisor of Special Services

ext. 3213


Megan D'Antonio

Administrative Assistant to the Supervisor of Special Services

ext. 3213


Laurie Kearney

Speech Therapist

ext. 3342


Audrey Arzt

Physical Therapist

ext. 3342


Erin Long

Occupational Therapist

ext. 3342