Morning Chorus

Will be held everyday in Room 166

from 7:45-8:30

Each Student is expected to bring his/her music, a pencil, folder and a willingness to learn. We will be learning and solidifying knowledge of music literacy, music theory, vocal technique and appropriate style when singing. The music we will be singing will be of a wide range.

During class she/he will be graded on:

30% Classwork

20% Homework

25% Journal assignments and projects

25% Singing Assessments

After-School Chorus

Rehearsals will take place on Wednesday's from 3:10-3:40 beginning October 17th. Morning chorus students are not required to attend after-school rehearsals.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

As a member of the chorus, attendance is expected to the following events:


Report times and further expectations will be outlined as they get closer.