Middle School

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Just a reminder to parents:
If your student would like to stay after to watch a sporting event a note from the parent needs to be turned into the main office before the end of homeroom.

Please state on the note how the your student is getting home and provide the parent phone number. Unfortunately the student can not take the 5:15 bus home due to that bus being for athletes only.

Any questions or concerns please call 732-269-1100 x5314.

8th Graders interested in attending ONE of the OCVTS Career Academies in 9th Grade

Weekly Bulletin

October 25th


$5 Admission

Sponsored by the CRPTA

Just a reminder: 1st marking period ends November 1.

Be sure to check the Parent Portal for daily grade updates!

Every Wednesday is Central Pride!

Don't forget to wear your Central colors and earn chances to win gift cards to places such as: Dunkin Donuts, Dairy Queen, Quick Chek and more. Once again don;t forget to wear your central colors every Wednesday for Central Pride Day!

Mrs. Wendy Vacante


For Parent Portal Information please click on the following link:

Parent Portal

Rules for being late to school:

3 lates to school is a lunch detention

4th late is a central detention

5th late is a parent conference and another central detention.

Only excused lates are doctors appointment with a note from the office.

Any questions or concerns please contact the main office.