Study Skills

Academic Maturity impacts a student’s ability to effectively transition from year to year during his/her school years. Academic maturity encompasses all of the essential skills a student needs to perform at or above his/her intellectual ability. These skills include organization/prioritizing, time management, note taking, dependability with completing assignments, reading comprehension, and study skills. For many reasons, transitioning into the middle and high school years may be the more challenging years in a student’s education. With any skill mastery comes with time and practice which means the sooner students utilize these skills on a daily basis the better their academic performance and experience may become. HOMEWORK, as much as it is debated and loathed offers students the perfect opportunity to master these skills.

There is no single method toward studying for tests/quizzes that is guaranteed to work. Every student learns at a different pace and each subject offers a different compilation of material to study. The one skill that can guarantee a significant improvement on test performance is READING. Students who read over their notes and assignments regularly will be better prepared for upcoming tests/quizzes. With that said, parents should expect their teen to read their notes and review their work in addition to completing current assignments. Yes, this endeavor is time consuming, but the more they do it, the more efficient they will become, and their grades will improve.

Below are some websites that can assess students and their parents weaknesses pertaining to the skills mentioned above. These sites can also offer tips and plans to rectify any weaknesses so that students can begin enjoying their educational experiences.

Please begin by completing the self assessment offered at this site hosted by VirginiaTech. This assessment will draw attention to the areas that students may need to improve.

Below are other sites that can assist our students with improving their Academic Maturity.