School Registration

Guidance Office Summer Hours:

The guidance office will be open Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. through 2:30 p.m.

Registrations will be by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Please call 732-269-1100 ext. 3208 or 3268 to register.

The following documents will be required for registration:

  1. Transfer card from previous school. A student must be transferred out from their previous school.
  1. Health records- N. J. State law mandates that you must have health records when transferring within the state. Students transferring from out-of-state have one month to comply with this law.
  1. Your child’s birth certificate.
  1. PROOF OF RESIDENCY: (3 DOCUMENTS). In order to register your child (children) you must provide proof that you live in the district. If proof is not received, we cannot complete the registration.


Electric, gas, telephone, or cable bill only if these documents reflect that you are “domiciled”.

NO-LEASE RENTALS: Weekly rental receipts ONLY on letterhead of the establishment, and

a notarized Affidavit of Residency provided by the guidance department must be filed.

We DO NOT accept bank statements, credit card statements, insurance cards,
or medical insurance bills.

  1. Please bring:
    • Most recent report card,
    • Standardized testing scores, and
    • IEP (if applicable).

6. Divorced/separated parents: You must provide proof of custody at the time of registration.

In order to ensure that a guidance counselor will be available to see you, please call the guidance office in advance. Registrations are approximately one half hour. If any of the above documents are not available, you may be delayed or have to be rescheduled.

High School Guidance: 732-269-1100 extensions 3208 or 3268

Middle School Guidance: 732-269-1100 extension 5316