Post Secondary Planning

Planning for your next step in life after high school is a monumental task which demands a lot of thought and time on your part. Shortly after graduating you will begin furthering your education at a particular college, or begin training in a specific field. In many cases the decisions you make at this stage of your life may have a significant impact in your adult life. The adults in your life including your guidance counselors and teachers can offer a tremendous amount of assistance. It is strongly recommended that you seek out the advice and support from the adults in your life! It is also highly recommended that you take advantage of courses offered at Central that may give you some background in that field or enhance any skills you may need. Your guidance counselor can offer tremendous assistance in that particular area.


Each year over eighty percent of our graduating seniors choose to further their education by attending college. The first and most important step in preparing for college is to work hard and do as best you can in the most academically rigorous courses you can handle. The grades you receive in high school will have a significant impact on your college opportunities. In addition your performance on college entrance exams like the SAT, and ACT are factored into your acceptance to college.

With over 3,900 colleges and universities in the United States, finding the school best suited for you will be challenging. There are specific criteria you will want to pay special attention to when finding the colleges which best meet your needs. These include the college’s geographic location, the size of the school, the type of school, the cost of the school, the majors which are offered, and any athletic programs or activities you may want to join. There are two particular sites online that you can use anytime to do your own college search. It is highly recommended that you share this information with your parents and guidance counselors. Central Regional is proud to offer collegboard's comprehensive and personalized college search program. More students are opting to earn their college degrees online. This link provides a comprehensive list of online colleges and their accreditations. Online college degree programs in New Jersey.

Once you have narrowed down the number of colleges to the schools that really interest you visit them online. Colleges have very comprehensive sites which will be a tremendous value to you. Remember to personally visit the colleges that you intend to apply for and if you can’t visit them online


Nearly all jobs require some type of formal education/training beyond high school. If you are considering professions that do not require a formal college education you may want to investigate the programs offered at Ocean County Vocational School District You can also search other vocational/technical schools in the area at http://www.ny-nj-technical-colleges-trade-vocation....

Many of the local community colleges offer certificated and degree programs in the medical field, business, law enforcement, judicial system, education, computer science, and culinary arts. Not every college offers the same programs so it is important to find which college offers the program that interests you. Below are links to local community colleges:

Ocean County Community College

Brookdale Community College

Atlantic Cape Community College

Burlington County Community College

Medical Assistant Schools


Students interested in taking advantage of the benefits the military has to offer by enlisting or attending college while joining the reserves should explore which branch of the armed service best meets your needs. Speak to a recruiter or your guidance counselor before making any final commitments. Also, students pursuing the military will have to take the ASVAB test. This is an excellent test that measures your aptitude and interests. It also issues you an AFQT score which determines what jobs/training you are eligible for while in the military. Practice for the ASVAB to ensure a high AFQT score at or at

Below are direct links to each branch of the military.

National Guard:

Air Force:


Coast Guard: