Parent Support

This portion of our web site is dedicated to the people that matter the most to our students, Mom and Dad. Reflecting back a little more than decade ago your son or daughter’s development was much easier to observe and understand. They quickly reached major milestones in their development: they ate solid foods, took their first steps, spoke their first words. Those early years of development certainly had its share of trials and tribulations but looking back they have given you some of the most precious memories of your life. As a result of your perseverance and dedication you quickly realized that meeting your child’s basic needs wasn’t as monumental a task as you thought. It just took time and a lot of patience. Knowing what you know now, some of you may wish you could relive those days because your child has now entered his/her ADOLESCENCE!

Adolescence presents a whole set of new challenges for parents. Meeting the needs of your child now is far more challenging and complex. In addition to time and patience you need to understand the developmental stages your son or daughter has begun. They are focusing on establishing a number of skills needed to become healthy independent adults. They spend a tremendous amount of time developing their interpsyche, because it is in our nature to feel accepted by others. They develop this process by establishing relationships with others. This process consumes an extraordinary amount of their time and energy. Through the development of their interpsyche they also begin to refine their spirituality. This particular component includes their values, and beliefs. The development of their spirituality will assist them in making good decisions later and ultimately may lead them to a more fulfilling and healthy life. These factors mentioned are key reasons why your child may seek refuge from others and challenge you on occasions. Although this may leave you frustrated and feeling unappreciated this is a normal part of the development process.

Teens are very busy individuals. Between their school day, extracurricular activities, homework and their social life they quickly need to learn the skills to help them balance their responsibilities. As a parent of an adolescent you play a vital role in developing these skills. The most influential way to help them achieve this is by balancing your own life. Teens learn the most from you by watching what you do not what you say. Keep in mind, “Actions speak louder than words” holds a lot of truth in how teens learn. Also understand that teens learn through mistakes. Also understand that teens will learn from the mistakes they made. Realize, at this age their mistakes are not always a reflection of you, and they will inevitably occur. It is important to be available for them once the problem presents itself and monitor how they rectify the situation.

Often parents find it easier to solve the problem for their child, but it is important not to do this. Teens need to accept the responsibility and learn from each experience. Parents must maintain their role as guardian offering their teen support and guidance through the middle and high school years. The foundation for strengthening this type of relationship with your teen is Communication. Establishing an atmosphere of trust and emotional security would help strengthen your relationship with your teen. Experts agree the following guidelines may help you foster a trusting secure relationship.

  • Give more independence, when appropriate.
  • Establish clear limits.
  • Enforce rules, and determine appropriate consequences for breaking rules.
  • Praise positive behaviors and good choices.
  • Keep criticism and demeaning comments to a minimum.
  • Respect your teen’s need for privacy.
  • Encourage your teen to make decisions as they mature.

The Guidance Department is available to support you and your teen throughout his/her time at Central Regional. Guidance counselors may be able to offer some suggestions to help you if needed or we can reinforce what you are doing at home within the school setting.

Don’t forget life comes full circle….just ask your parents. Enjoy!!