Jump Start Program

(High school student attending OCC Part-time)

Be a college student during your junior and senior years in high school by attending classes just three hours per week at OCC’s Main Campus in Toms River, OCC’s Southern Education Center in Manahawkin or on site at your high school.

Through the Jump Start Program, high school students can get a “jump” on their college education. Any junior or senior who wishes to enroll as a part-time college student at OCC may do so with the permission of his/her high school Guidance Counselor or Principal. Students who take only one course per semester in both the junior and senior years will have completed an entire semester of college prior to graduating from high school! This can translate into tremendous savings in terms of time and money. More importantly, students participating in this program gain an invaluable measure of self-confidence in knowing they can do college level work.

General guidelines for participation in the Jump Start Program:

1.A recommendation from the guidance counselor or Principal of the high school is required.

2.Students must satisfy any course prerequisite and have earned an overall above average GPA in high school or demonstrated a high potential to succeed in special areas related to college courses.

3.High school students have the advantage of receiving a Board of Trustees scholarship, with reduced tuition, plus appropriate college fees.

4.Jump Start students may attend part-time only…maximum of two classes per semester.

Applying for admission to Ocean County College:

1.Meet with your high school guidance counselor. Discuss whether or not this program is a good fit for you, as well as which class you should take. Suggested courses are provided at the end of this handout and an OCC advisor can assist in your course selection as well.

2.Fill out OCC’s special green High School Application form. This must be completedeach semester in which you enroll as a Jump Start student.

3.Have the Application signed by your Principal or Guidance Counselor, as well as your parent or guardian (required even if you are 18 years old).

4.Jump Start students wishing to take courses in Mathematics or English must provide appropriate test scores. Registration in a first year math course requires SAT’s of 530 or higher on the Math portion of the test (or PSAT of 53 or higher) or (ACT of 22 or higher on the Math portion of the test).

Registration in a first year English course requires SAT’s of 540 or higher on the Critical Reading portion of the test (or PSAT of 54 or higher) (or 23 or higher on the ACT English/Writing tests. (Note: Students submitting ACT scores must provide a composite English/Writing score with Essay).

HSPA scores can also be used to fulfill this requirement, requiring a 250 or higher in Math and a 235 or higher in Language Arts Literacy. Your high school will need to provide the college with a copy of any of the above qualifying test scores. Note that developmental courses cannot be taken in the Jump Start program. Registration in upper level Math courses will require the student take our “College Level Math Test” in addition to providing SAT or ACT scores, regardless of how high the SA or ACT score is.

5.Register with the special application in hand at OCC’s Registration & Records Office, which can be reached at 732-255-0304 if you have questions.


You are commended for taking the initiative to begin your college education while still in high school. Students in this program have reported high degrees of satisfaction with the quality of the instruction and ability to get a “Jumpstart” on their college degree.

1.While you are attending Ocean County College you are considered a college student, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails. As we do with all students, the college will protect your privacy by sharing information with you only. Release of any information to others (except your high school) will be only with your express written consent.

2.As a college student you will have the opportunity to interact with faculty both before and after class. You must take the initiative to speak to the faculty member and arrange a mutually convenient time to meet. Contact information for your instructor is also available on the course syllabus you will receive on the first day of class.

3.Distance learning courses are not recommended for high school students (especially for your first class or a class taken during your junior year of high school). You can check our web site athttp://www.ocean.edu/academics/E-learning/new_E-le... to research further your individual readiness to take online courses. Students must obtain an Approval for Jump Start Students to Take OCC Courses Online from their high school guidance counselor office and submit it with their Jump Start application at the Registration and Records office to be able to register for a Distance Learning section.

Please note: There is no reduce tuition for Jump Start students registered in Distance Learning courses.

4.Books and materials should be purchased at the College Bookstore on the OCC campus or online from the Bookstore at http://bookstore.ocean.edu/home.aspx .

5.As a general rule plan to study 2 hours for every one hour of class. A class that meets 3 hours a week will require 6 hours a week study time.

6.Free tutoring is available through our Math and English labs on campus. Students may contact the area dean for tutoring in other subject areas.

7.It is important to understand all grades earned in the Jump Start Program will be reflected on your permanent transcript and will follow you throughout your academic career. If you are struggling in a course, we encourage you to speak to your professor regarding your progress. Should you decide to withdraw from a course, it is your responsibility to complete and submit an Add/Drop form (available in the Registration and Records Office).

IMPORTANT: Every semester has a withdrawal deadline. Exact dates can be found athttp://www.ocean.edu/admissions/Attendance_Census_Date.htm

8.The Advising Center on the main campus is available for academic advisement. The following classes are recommended as readily transferable to two- and four-year colleges and universities. When transferring, students should always research the school to which they will be transferring for specific information. Course descriptions for these and all other courses can be found athttp://catalog.ocean.edu/AllCourses.aspx

COMM 154 Fundamentals of Public Speaking

HIST 171 Western Civilization I

HIST 172 Western Civilization II

PSYC 172 General Psychology

SOCI 181 Introduction to Sociology

CSIT 110 Computer Literacy