College Athletics

Student-Athletes that have a desire to continue playing their sport at the collegiate level must follow a protocol that is outlined by the NCAA Clearinghouse in order to be eligible to participate. Below are some links to resources that will help our student-athletes and their parents understand the process and begin planning for eligibility. Throughout your high school years it is important to communicate your goals, questions, and concerns with your coaches and guidance counselors.

Beginning 2015 - NEW NCAA Divison I Eligibility Academic Requirements:

NCAA Clearinghouse Portal is where you can find everything you need to navigate the college athletics eligibility process:

NCAA Clearinghouse Tutorial:

What Are Your Chances of Competing in Athletics at the Collegiate Level?

Power Point Presentation: “Your Path to the Student-Athlete Experience”

Quick Reference Sheet for NCAA Eligibility Rules:

NCAA Eligibility Process:

NCAA Eligibility Process for Students with Education Impacting Disabilities:

Central Regional’s NCAA Approved Courses: