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Change the World. Take the ENERGY STAR Pledge! You can save energy and money, and help in the fight against global warming by taking small energy-saving steps at home. Take the ENERGY STAR Pledge now to learn how you can be part of the solution. Once you’ve made changes, share your energy-saving story to help inspire others! Together, we can all make a difference!

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Please enjoy the following website that is designed especially for you. Did you ever wonder how much your neighbor spends on electricity or if you are the only one who is spending an arm and a leg for your lights? This is a great site that once you enter your data it will compare your costs to others like you and give your house a Energy Rating while providing you with useful data such as heating and cooling days. As part of the District's push in Energy Conservation we are working towards obtaining recognition as a Energy Star partner. In order to do this we need to receive a Energy Star Score of 75% or higher - As of November we obtained that benchmark with a score of 79% at the High School from a 55% and a 85% at the Middle School from a 84%. This is only possible through the great support of the staff at each school.